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Empowering Outdoors: The Hope Wanders Approach

Hope Wanders is breaking down barriers for women in your community, especially those who might feel hesitant to explore the outdoors. Through our “Empowering Outdoors” series, we’re creating a safe and supportive space for women over 18 to:
  • Build confidence and essential skills: Learn practical things like first aid, packing essentials, building fires, planning trips, and setting up tents – all the knowledge you need for a successful outdoor adventure.
  • Ask questions without judgment: No experience is necessary! We encourage open communication and a supportive environment where you can feel comfortable asking anything.
  • Connect with like-minded women: Build a community of friends who share your interest in the outdoors.

Making it Accessible:

We understand that childcare and financial limitations can be obstacles.  That’s why:
  • Childcare is available in most settings, allowing mothers to participate without worry.
  • We offer scholarships for those who need it, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to join.

More Than Just Fun:

This series is more than just learning new skills and having fun. It’s about:
  • Raising awareness: We want to inspire more women to embrace the outdoors and experience the transformative power of nature.
  • Supporting Hope Wanders: Donations collected during these events directly support our mission of connecting women from difficult situations, including abuse, with outdoor adventure and the supportive community it fosters.
  • Gear Up for Success: We accept donations of gently used outdoor gear to further reduce barriers to entry for women in need.

Bring Hope Wanders to Your Community:

Interested in hosting an “Empowering Outdoors” event?
Contact [email protected] to learn more. 
Together, we can empower women to explore the wonders of the outdoors and build a stronger community.

Hope Wanders is thrilled to join forces with local communities!

Together, we’ll create exciting programs that educate, empower, and get you moving. Through these initiatives, we aim to raise awareness for our mission and secure donations to support deserving women.

Our goal? To help women from difficult life situations, including abuse, discover the transformative power of outdoor adventure and the supportive embrace of community.

It’s time to break free, breathe deep, and find strength on the trail together.

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